Saturday, March 07, 2009

Most accessed posts

By far my most accessed blog post was this one and most people came to it by searching for "cotton kills". I don't know what people think about it, no one has commented or sent me email. So many people have gone to this post that I've re-read it a few times to be sure I didn't write anything I wanted to change or that was dangerous. I wrote the post because I was tired of the sound bite mentality of just telling people that "cotton kills". I realize that it can be a shortcut to thinking reasonably about what to wear in the backcountry just as the "10 essentials" is a shortcut to deciding what gear to take. I continue to believe that people need to think about what to wear or take to the backcountry and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

The other popular post is the one I wrote about poisonous snakes ( I wrote that one primarily because I don't encounter poisonous snakes very often, they are exciting and unusual to me. I really hope that people looking for information about snakes in the western U.S. continue to more informative sites.

Several of my Yellowstone National Park posts are accessed fairly frequently especially those in which I mention specific trails. I hope I'm informative and interesting about these trails, but I'm not writing a trail guide and there are much better resources on the web than my blog.


At 13/3/09 17:59, Blogger Mossy Mom said...

Cotton doesn't kill people! Pants kill people. Oh and shirts and underwear and socks and gloves and hats and coats and...


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