Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Losing gear

I hate it when I lose gear I use. Sometimes it isn't so annoying because I end up replacing the item with something better, like the Yellowstone hiking map I lost and the more up-to-date and detailed map I replaced it with. But sometimes it is hard to find a piece of gear that fits as well as what was lost. I haven't lost anything expensive so far but some things like silk glove liners are hard to find except by mail order, very inconvenient when I'm packing for a trip.

I've been lucky that I rarely reach for an item while hiking or starting a hike and find it isn't there, usually it is when I'm packing for a trip or unpacking I notice the item is missing. This allows me to replace it before I need it except that I don't know when I lost the item and tend to think it slipped down somewhere or I put it in an unusual place. So I spend a lot of time looking for it, sometimes for months, before I end up replacing the item.

I occasionally find items others have lost; my specialty seems to be flashlights. I have found 3 working flashlights on trails or at trailheads. Other people report finding hats or other items. I hope that whoever found the gear I have lost have a use for it or pass it on to others.



At 14/3/08 12:54, Blogger Bambalapitya said...

I used to lose gear but figured out a great way to find the gear I have lost: I bought a roll of orange survey tape. I attach a 6-inch piece of tape to small items such as a compass, camera, tent pegs, etc. Try it, it really works very well.

At 16/3/08 10:24, Blogger feralhiker said...

Interesting idea but not always practical, e.g. for clothing. I often put a piece of reflective tape on small items especially if they are dark colored.

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