Monday, June 30, 2008

Various YNP water falls

I went to Yellowstone Park in early June as I have for several years now. This time however I met some friends who had not been to YNP before so I tried to show them the major tourist attractions. Besides thermal features, they like water falls so I made a point of going to some of the many falls within YNP. Of course the first set I showed them were the upper and lower falls of the Yellowstone - the pictures you see associated with the grand canyon of the Yellowstone. We walked along the edge on both sides to each fall.

When we were there it snowed and much of the eastern portion of the park was closed or difficult to reach and we had limited time. I tried to pick waterfalls that were dramatic and reasonably easy to access. We saw Undine, Tower, and Gibbon Falls in the snow. We hiked to Fairy Falls and Osprey Falls, which I mentioned in my last post. The Virginia Cascades road was closed but I showed them the Firehole River falls. I would have liked to go to the southwestern corner and hike into Bechler and Cave Falls but we didn't have time.

Thinking about YNP, I realized there were several falls which we could drive to but did not go to for various reasons. Also I know of several good hikes to falls we didn't get to either. Still we saw at least one waterfall a day which is good enough. I never seem to have enough time in Yellowstone to do all I want to do.



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