Thursday, March 26, 2009

TR - Lower Big Quilcene

I finally got out on my first hike of the season on the Lower Big Quilcene trail on the Olympic Peninsula. I don't hike much in the Olympics, it isn't as convenient to where I live as the Cascades and the ferry fees to get there are enough to make me look for other areas. It is too bad, there are a lot of nice trails both in Olympic National Park and the surrounding National Forest to explore.

The trail was quite nice, mild elevation gain, wide trail with light snow. We didn't go far or long, about 4 hours total with a lunch stop, because not all of my group were in shape for a long hike nor were all of us well shod for a muddy, slippery trail. The area was nicely forested with mature second growth trees and attractive. I would have liked to see the Big Quilcene River more, we could hear it but rarely saw it. I forgot my camera so no pictures. We didn't see anyone else on the trail but could see tracks from previous hikers, snowshoes, and skis. At the Forest Service office I grabbed a photo copied trail guide and was surprised to see that this trail was open to all users, including motor bikes. I would think this trail would be too wet for motor bikes at least in spring and winter. I'm glad we didn't meet any.


At 28/3/09 12:17, Blogger Mossy Mom said...

Was there snow on the road at the trail head? I'm thinking of going up there in my little car this week. I'd rather not take my gas guzzler Jeep up there.

I used to live in Port Orchard and then it was quite a trek to get to the Olympics but at least I did not have to pay to ride a ferry.

At 28/3/09 12:53, Blogger feralhiker said...

Yes, there was snow on the Forest Service road to the trailhead but we were able to drive to the trailhead in a Subaru without 4WD. That was nearly 2 weeks ago now but with the current weather, there may be more snow.

I would hike in the Olympic Penisula a lot more if I could get there without a long drive or expensive ferry ride.


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