Sunday, August 05, 2007

Recent hikes

I have done a few local trails recently and enjoyed mild weather. A couple of weeks ago I hiked to Heather Lake in the Wenatchee National Forest, not the closer Heather Lake on Mt. Pilchuk. I was a bit surprised at how few hikers were there on a weekend, 1 pair spent the night there and I met 2 groups coming down. This is a popular and heavily used trail, perhaps the rainy weather caused people to stay home. It didn't rain while I was on the trail and the cooler day was nice for hiking. Very scenic at the lake with patches of snow on the surrounding hills.

Last week I hiked up Tunnel Creek, near Steven's Pass, to the Pacific Crest trail and then south to Trap Lake. Many hikers going up but most probably went north as I only met 1 hiker after I left Hope Lake. This was an extremely clear and nice day, cool enough to enjoy hiking and not many bugs. I saw patches of snow at the passes but none on the trail. Tunnel Creek is one of my favorite ways to access the PCT, a moderately steep 1.5 mile trail connects at Hope Lake and passes other beautiful alpine lakes.



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