Sunday, July 13, 2008

Digital camera for hiking

I want a new digital camera to take pictures when I'm hiking. I have an older digital camera but I take such poor pictures with it I've given up and went back to my 35mm with a zoom lens. With it, I can take pictures which satisfy me. I haven't bought a new digital mainly because I haven't been able to decide on a balance of features, mainly zoom, and size and price. I don't want to spent money on another camera I won't use because I can't get a decent picture. However, I look at hiking photos posted on blogs such as 2 Heel Drive and Walks with Moss, and I am envious of their pictures and the ability to post immediately rather than when I get my film developed.

I think I've found a camera with a blend of features I want, the Cannon PowerShot SX100 IS. It has a 10x optical zoom, uses AA batteries, is reasonably compact, and is in my price range. It is bigger than I would like but about the size of my current digital and 35mm cameras. It won't be as weather resistant as some cameras but I do intend to protect it to a reasonable degree. I also like the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 but not the proprietary battery. I wish it had an optical viewfinder but none of the cameras I've seen in this price and zoom range have one.

Any other suggestions? I want zoom, compact, and easy to use. Standard batteries and memory cards are a plus. I would like rugged but don't need waterproof. I also should state I am not a serious photographer, I don't hike to take photos, I take photos to remind me of my hike.


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At 29/7/08 12:54, Blogger mossymom said...

I'm glad you like my pictures. I also am thinking of getting a new camera. But this camera has been good to me. I might want to start trying to sell my pictures so maybe I will need a better camera. Currently I am using a Kodak Easyshare Z612. I am pretty happy with the pictures! The software is garbage and it takes forever to unload my pictures. I got a kodak printer with a card reader but thanks to software problems with my kodak printer the card reader does not work so I am stuck unloading via my USB cable and the super slow software that came with the camera. I really need a new PC I guess.. Maybe I can get a card reader for my pc?? My main complaint with this camera is the macro shots.. with my Cannon A520 I could get really good close up shots but not with this one.. that said I am not going to get another Cannon any time soon. My A520 was a lemon all of them were I got it fixed under warranty once.. that was a major hassel and took weeks, the just a month later (when the warranty period was up) the camera broke again so I sold it on ebay "as is" and got my current camera.

I hope to take a photograpy course in the Spring but it is film photography and I'm not too exicited about that.


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