Monday, August 04, 2008

Digital Camera - what I bought

In my earlier post here I discussed buying a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. After doing some more research I decided to get the Canon A720 IS, see a review here. I wanted the higher zoom on the SX100 but I also wanted the optical viewfinder. The last 2 weekends I have played with my new camera while hiking and so far I'm quite happy with it. Both weekends have been sunny in the open and I'm glad I opted for the optical viewfinder, even at the brightest the LCD screen washed out for me. The camera is lightweight and easy to use for a beginner but has lots of more advanced features I can grow into.

I'm still learning to use the macro for closeups but the rather orange Indian Paintbrush and the Alpine Cinquefoil came out fairly well.

I also liked the mushroom and spruce grouse hen below.

Downloads of the few pictures I've taken have been quick and painless. The editing software which comes with the camera isn't great but it is enough for basic functions and I can get more advanced editing software if I wish. Landscape pictures have been okay, not outstanding so I have more learning to do there. I do know I will continue to use this camera, unlike my previous digital camera which collected dust.


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